Tuesday, January 11, 2011


30 Days of Skating

Day 15: What is your favourite men's professional/show program?

I skipped over pro/show programs when I wrote about my favourite programs in earlier blog posts, because I had some questions that I wanted to change later. Question #15 was about predicting medalists for Sochi, which I find pointless when we haven't even hit 2011 Worlds, so time for a switcharoo.

I had a fairly easy time with the men's discipline for this question, because one program stands out above the rest for me. It's one I've never seen live, though would go to fairly great lengths to see it if the opportunity ever came up.

The skater is Kurt Browning, the music is "Nyah" from the Mission Impossible: 2 soundtrack, the year was 2001, and the result is just unbelievable. Very few skaters can command the attention of an audience like this, but Kurt can, so for him to try something like this wasn't an immediate plan for failure. But still, it was a risk for a pro like Kurt to try a program like this that focuses on subtle movements and musical interpretation, with no jumps or big tricks. He completely pulled it off, though. I think it's still one of the greatest pieces of skating choreography. And since he's been so into bringing programs back lately, I'm cautiously hopeful that I will someday have the chance to see "Nyah" performed live. If I don't have chills from the very beginning, I know I would when the music stops and only the clapping from the crowd provides the soundtrack to the end of the piece. Brilliant.

Honourable Mentions:
Paul Wylie's Apollo 13 - a classic
Kurt Browning's "Serenade to Sonia" - another classic, and my other favourite program by him
Jeff Buttle's "Eclogue" - meant to be his competitive free skate in 2008-09, he revamped it for Stars on Ice when he decided to retire

Well, I am likely forgetting things so I may edit in some more honourable mentions later, but I mainly wanted to write about how much I love "Nyah."

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